Johannes Liechtenauer:

"If you wish to display art, go to the left and to the right with blows. And to go left [with] the right means that you have a great desire to fence."

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The desire to learn is important.????????
The desire to learn properly is doubly important and requires dedication and commitment to regular training and practice. This dedication will result in an improvement of not only your physical fitness and reaction time but also your general awareness, co-ordination, balance, confidence and sense of well-being.

Many martial arts are incorrectly taught as a consequence of modern social and cultural expectations, dumbing down the very essence of what it is you should be learning and so removing you from the responsibility of your actions. By its very nature a martial art is dangerous and becoming safe and proficient requires many hours of practice and personal sacrifice. Turning up for a couple of months and then being distracted by some other 'bright light' will not make you a martial artist; all you will succeed in achieving is becoming a danger not only to yourself but also to those around you. Martial arts are NOT self-defence, they are self-offence and as such should be a last resort in any difficult situation. Practising a martial art is a great responsibility and should never be used in anger as aggression is the art of ignorance.

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Conditions of Membership

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