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We will soon have a YouTube channel with helpful training exercises and useful snippets of information available to our followers, as well as Chris, our Chief Instructor, waxing lyrical about something or another.

I can't wait!

If you are interested in finding out more about the events and activities listed below then get in touch....

Forthcoming events


Lane End class has moved down the road to Cadmore End Village Hall.

We've been at Lane End for over 15 years and in that time we have noticed the general upkeep of the hall diminish to a point where the hall floor presents a risk of injury due to splinters, the windows are no longer reliably secure and stage lighting hanging from the ceiling presents a hazard for what we do. Despite repeated recommendations no one listened, so when the hall committee put their prices up again we decided to find better accommodation and Cadmore End comfortably does this. The hall is slightly smaller but the facilities are excellent and the hall committee very welcoming. We look forward to many happy years at this new venue.

CoViD restrictions affect us no more and we can now concentrate on re-establishing a reliable attendance so class progress can be maintained. We have a few new students so things are looking positive for the future. Thanks to all those who have continued to support the SMEF during the past few years.

If you'd like to contact us about what we do, or future classes, we would be happy to accommodate your interest.

We look forward to hearing from you.



Please be aware that the SMEF teaches historical European fighting arts as they should be taught, with its origins rooted in the martial art and not as a sport, re-enactment or LARP . A martial art can be used in every other scenario but NOT the other way around. Classes are disciplined and training intense so if you think you have the dedication and commitment necessary to learn properly, come along.

If you're starting up a HEMA group and require some assistance and support then get in touch. We have a depth of knowledge and resources that can help.

The SMEF are always happy to run seminars if you should so desire. Whether you are a modern martial arts group who want a taste of medieval German longsword, or an existing HEMA group who wants a different perspective, let us know.

See our review in Oxford's 'Daily Info' website...Ā 

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Past Events:

Here are a few events that have been or are coming up on the SMEF calendar: 2021

GHEFA November event.

The first GHEFA event took place in November 2021 in Fleetwood. Small but perfectly formed, the event involved three different schools and focussed on correct martial practice and application within our respective chosen historical disciplines. A very interesting weekend and all attendees left feeling that something significant had taken place. We are hoping to repeat the experience again in early 2022. Thanks to everyone who attended and made it possible.

Hack'n'Snack 2021

2021 Hack'n'Snack was, again, an excellent weekend. On site camping combined with good weather, good food, good practice and good company provided us with ample opportunity to discuss, discover and improve technique. A wide selection of weapons from different historical periods allowed for some interesting cross discipline cutting to occur which is always an informative experience. A positive and happy demeanor achieved by all. Thanks to all those usual people who put themselves out to make the weekend successful.

2021 AGM

As usual this year's AGM took place in our favoured curry pub and took longer than usual, lasting at least 20 minutes, but they weren't full of unnecessary prevarications, apparently. 2020

The 2020 Hack'n'Snack

This year's Hack'n'Snack was moved from its usual date in July to September in order to remain within the CoViD19 prescribed guideline. Fortunately, this was just before the greater lockdown rules were imposed so the event could proceed unhindered. This year, as last year, we reduced the number of attendees to around 22, which allowed for a much greater sense of unity and common interest within the group. The event proceeded without a hitch and, from the feedback, everyone enjoyed/learned something from the experience. Being outdoors meant that maintaining the current CoViD19 protocols was relatively straight forward.

The 2020 AGM

This took place early in the year and we managed to squeeze it between the drinks and food order at our favoured curry pub. It lasted 20 long seconds, which is a new record for us. 2019

The SMEF 2019 AGM

We didn't beat the 2017 record of 21 seconds but managed to tie it all up in 10 mins and was quickly followed by a curry (which wasn't really the main reason we were there, honest!)

SMEF back at SSS Sheffield

To continue our support for SSS Sheffield's desire to pursue proper HEMA training and reinforce our previous successful visit with another, (and an excuse for good company, good food/beer and a good laugh!)

Hack'n'Snack 2019

Excellent event this year and a good crowd generally. No overly silly antics but lots of information exchanged and interest generated. You'll never understand how a sword works unless you use it for cutting, and then you should fully realise why certain techniques are very much associated with certain weapon types. Essential if you're a serious researcher, and an eye opener to anyone as to just how effective these weapons are when used properly.

Teaching Seminar, 'How to teach SMEF HEMA....'

A long but very productive day was spent near Blackpool teaching other Martial Arts instructors how to teach Longsword. The dynamic of explaining not only what we do but also how to spot when your students do it wrong, made for an interesting but also tiring day's tuition. Interesting though and definitely worth the effort.



Book 2 in the series

The second book in the series 'The Art and Science of Johannes Liechtenauer's German Medieval Longsword, Grade 3' is currently in the pipeline, taking a little longer than we would like but all good things come to those who wait (apparently). A rough estimate for publication and availability is mid 2022, but many things can happen in that time, let's hope they don't get in the way!

The Guild for Historical European Fighting ArtsĀ  (GHEFA) are running a cross-discipline weekend exchange

It has been discussed within GHEFA that an event involving 'cross-discipline' training (non related martial arts training) will take place in November 2021. We have a date and a venue, and attendance looks good.

Advanced Martial Seminar - How to teach HEMA

A weekend seminar concerning the teaching of advanced martial principles of timing and distance to beginners and experienced students alike. This seminar is likely to take place in 2022.

Seminar in France in 2022?

We are currently looking into the feasibility of running a weekend seminar if France.

SMEF back in Sheffield?

We are always in touch with our SSS Sheffield friends so likely to be there at least once a year.

More to come.....