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We will soon have a YouTube channel with helpful training exercises and useful snippets of information available to our followers, as well as Chris, our Chief Instructor, waxing lyrical about something or another.

I can't wait!

If you are interested in finding out more about the events and activities listed below then get in touch....

Forthcoming events


Nothing new at present other than the usual attendance fluctuations and hall hire prices increasing.


If you'd like to contact us about what we do, or future classes, we would be happy to accommodate your interest.

We look forward to hearing from you.



Please be aware that the SMEF teaches historical European fighting arts as they should be taught, with its origins rooted in the martial art and not as a sport, re-enactment or LARP activity. A martial art can be used in every other scenario but NOT the other way around. Classes are disciplined and training intense, so if you think you have the dedication and commitment necessary to learn properly, come along.

If you're starting up a HEMA group and require some assistance and support then get in touch. We have a depth of knowledge and resources that can help.

The SMEF are always happy to run seminars if you should so desire. Whether you are a modern martial arts group who want a taste of medieval German longsword, or an existing HEMA group who wants a different perspective, let us know.

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Here are a few events that have been or are coming up on the SMEF calendar: 2024

March 2024:

SMEF are proposing to offer a quarter and half staff weekend class. Numbers will be limited to eight and the weekend will endeavour to get their student attendees comfortable in using a staff and teach a series of parades and strike/defence combinations. The main emphasis will be on reinforcing martial principles through the use of the staff. 2023

2023 GHEFA Octoberfist

GHEFA Octoberfist 2023: a weekend of different disciplines including Filipino Arnis, Quarter and Half Staff, Rondel Dagger, Small Sword, pugilism, long sword, Messer and Karate. The theme for the event is Distance and Intent. With all twenty places taken we had an excellent weekend. Each class was two hours and there were two classes running at the same time, so the attending group was split into two. There was some speculation as to whether two hour classes would prove to be too long, especially when there are four classes running per day, but with the odd exception we found that even two hours wasn't long enough for some subjects. Most of the time was absorbed in bringing students from differing backgrounds up to a common standard before something interesting could be taught, and this definitely highlighted the need for GHEFA and providing its members with a common syllabus regarding martial knowledge and principles. Had all the attendees been brought through the GHEFA grading system then each instructor could have guaranteed a minimum standard relative to the individual's grade level.

Hack'n'Snack 2023

Another excellent HnS, well attended and a little damp due to rain (very much in contrast to 2022), but that didn't stop us. All elements ran smoothly and educational fun was had by all. Thanks go to the usual crew who make this event possible.


Teaching Seminar, 'How to teach SMEF HEMA....'

A long but very productive day was spent near Blackpool teaching other Martial Arts instructors how to teach Longsword. The dynamic of explaining not only what we do but also how to spot when your students do it wrong, made for an interesting but also tiring day's tuition. Interesting though and definitely worth the effort.



Book 2 in the series

The second book in the series 'The Art and Science of Johannes Liechtenauer's German Medieval Longsword, Grade 3' is currently in the pipeline, taking a little longer than we would like but all good things come to those who wait (apparently). A rough estimate for publication and availability is mid 2024/25, but many things can happen in that time, let's hope they don't get in the way!

The Guild for Historical European Fighting Arts  (GHEFA) are running cross-discipline weekend exchanges

It has been discussed within GHEFA that an event involving 'cross-discipline' training (non related martial arts training) will take place annually. However, pinning people down to commit to attending is another matter completely!

Advanced Martial Seminar - How to teach HEMA

A weekend seminar concerning the teaching of advanced martial principles of timing and distance to beginners and experienced students alike. This seminar is likely to take place in 2024/25.

More to come.....