SMEF Instructors

Johannes Liechtenauer:

"He who comports himself well, and breaks well, and finally breaks completely – and breaks apart [every technique] using the Three Wonders – he who uses Hängen and Winden well, and performs the eight Winden in the correct way – and by each Winden I mean the three Winden, which makes them four and twenty, counting them from both sides. "

Class Instructor

Our Class Instructor, Tomasz Lipinski, started attending SMEF classes in 2007 at the age of 11. His dedication, combined with an attentive and enthusiastic attitude towards lessons, meant that Tomasz reached a decent standard of practice quickly, finding the process of understanding martial principles and body mechanics relatively easy, progressing through Grades 1 to 3 and assisting in classes after only a few years.

Tomasz gained his IL1 qualification at 15 and became the youngest BFHS qualified instructor at that time, earning the respect from his assessors with an impressive display of skill, control and depth of understanding for one so young. From then he has continued to develop and hone his abilities, applying the Liechtenauer system to become respectfully proficient in multiple weapon disciplines and being well versed in teaching both new and experienced students under the SMEF banner.

Currently at the level of Journeyman, Tomasz is broadening his experience by attending other groups and participating in friendly sparring session in multiple disciplines. Starting so young, he is in the enviable position of having adequate time to reach his full potential martially whilst being at the peak of physical fitness. The process of life's experience will continue to colour his Art and we expect Tomasz to become not only a great ambassador for the SMEF in the future but also a bastion for the practice of correct martial principles within HEMA, so preserving the true Liechtenauer legacy.