Contacting SMEF

You can contact us via this pro-forma:

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We will soon have a YouTube channel with helpful training exercises and useful snippets of information available to our followers, as well as Chris, our Chief Instructor, waxing lyrical about something or another.

I can't wait!

If you are interested in finding out more about the events and activities listed below then get in touch....

Forthcoming events


The Charlbury class, due to popularity and the lack of space at the venue, has moved venue to Chadlington Memorial Hall. The first lesson will take place at this new venue on the 19th June 2018, (and for those regular members..... no, the first two lessons are not free! That only applies to new, non members.)

See our review in Oxford's 'Daily Info' website...


Here are a few events that have been or are coming up on the SMEF calendar for 2018:

May 5th, 2018

Chris, Neal and Ian ran a Saturday seminar for the Sheffield chapter of the Society for the Study of Swordsmanship.
This went very well with a respectable attendance. We covered footwork, the True Times of Distance, the Moment of Instability and martially correct movement, concluding with how to apply these in a controlled sparring environment instigated from the 'pat-a-cake' exercise. A big 'thank you' to Lynne for her hospitality and organisational skills. The food, beer and company were excellent.

July 20th to 22nd, 2018.

A weekend of practice cutting with a variety of live weapons on different target mediums.

This event focuses on understanding how bladed weapons relate to body mechanics and how that reflects on the reality of fighting with a sharp weapon.

SMEF members and external invite only.


Advanced Martial Seminar

Autumn of 2018

A weekend seminar concerning the advanced martial principles of timing and distance.

Practise Cutting Day

A day of bottle cutting to get the new students up to speed with body mechanics and timing.

Norwich Castle

Currently in negotiation with Norwich Castle museum and the possibility of running some public demonstrations.